Internet marketing is big, very big and you wouldn’t believe how mind-bogglingly super big it is in terms of money being spent all around the place and I think they are trying to regulate it now that it has gotten so big. There is the social networks which are eating away on the vastness of the internet and the kids are all flocking in the social networks.

The market is very easily reachable and the social networks are making loads of money from it. People need to pay them for their advertise to be circulated in the prospect people and they are making billions and they are not giving anything back to the people who made it possible and they are just the schemer in this respect and I had to say they deserve no respect except YouTube which is the greatest website there is and they give away almost all their income to the users.

I worked as the animator of a You Tuber and I think he has the coolest job in the whole world because he was always doing what he felt like doing and he didn’t take orders and he was doing good work by making educational videos for the kids on the YouTube and there was a lot of money to be made because the tube will give away almost all of its income from the advertisement to the people who makes the videos and the videos will get money in terms of views that it got from the audience and the banners and ads will generate money and the way that I works is because the tubers are the contributors to the website and they should get the fair share of their hard work.

The tube system is the coolest ever system in the world and I think that it should be promoted more and more and I think there are a lot of ways to do things in the world. I found 1st page seo outsourcing and it did miracles for me.

When you are thinking about the awakening of something you might think of some dramatic entrance but that is not always the case because there might be a lot of other things to consider here and I think there might be something that should always be there and first among them is the idea of having the best morale and ethical system and without that there will be nothing worthwhile in the world and that should be the ultimate priority in the ultimate internet marketing and the people should be paid for the services they are rendering to the world and the idea keeps on living in the world and the product goes on forever.